TEAM for Actors is now being used in college classes!

TEAM for Actors is now out and available to readers through hard copy text and e-books. Some college professors have already adopted the book for their acting classes. Below is a testimonial of support provided by one such instructor – and found on the web page.

“This is one of the BEST acting textbooks I have ever read or used. As someone who has earned advanced degrees and training in performance studies, and who has been teaching undergraduates in theatre for over 20 years…I believe I can offer a credible review. What distinguishes Bond’s book from others is the practical layout of her approach to acting. TEAM is an acronym for Thought, Emotions, Actions, and Manifestation. It is full of examples and experienced insight on how to help actors make appropriate,clear, and dynamic choices for their characters. I only recently adopted her textbook in my advanced acting class because it was just recently published. My only regret, quite frankly, is that she didn’t write it years ago…it would have saved me from a lot of frustration as a performer and teacher. The feedback I have received from my students have also been enthusiastic about TEAM. We use the textbook as a manual in helping them do their character analysis and also applying some of the simple, creative, and effective exercises. Usually considered to be a tedious task for young actors who just want to get up and ‘perform’…the students are genuinely excited about script and character analysis! Plus, they are beginning to notice and identify choices that others make. Although I am using this with an advanced acting class, I plan to adopt it next semester when I rotate and teach the beginning acting class. It can easily be introduced at that level, and has enough exercises to follow up with in the advanced class. Seriously, this is an absolutely valuable textbook for any serious performer or educator of theatre. You WILL use it, and LOVE doing so!”


About teamforactors

Laura Bond, MFA, is a Professor at UNC-Asheville where she serves as Chair of the Drama Department, and is a CL5 Certified Alba Emoting Instructor. Laura is the Director of the Acting Program at UNCA, Asheville where she developed the TEAM for Actors Technique. One of few CL5 Alba Emoting teachers in the USA, Laura is recognized nationally and internationally for her workshops and her development of Alba Emoting teaching methods. Working closely with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement instructors, she has developed new methods for teaching Alba Emoting to non-performers, as well as performers, with greater somatic clarity and sensitivity to the individual.
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