Sample Pages from the TEAM for Actors Book

TEAM for Actors synthesizes three elements in human behavior: thought, emotion, and action. This holistic technique  helps actors see how these three inter-related parts are present in the actor’s life, in the character’s life, and in basic human behavior. This union of the first three parts combined  with the actor’s Personal Connection  to these elements  manifests a fully realized, passionate, embodied performance.

TEAM is an acronym: Thought + Emotion + Action = Manifestation

The book provides a chapter  for each aspect of the approach,  presenting theories and  tangible methods  for exploring  the  areas of Thought,  Emotion, and Action. The Manifestation  chapter  guides the actor  through  the process of unifying with the character’s experience and moving from theory into embodiment.

Below are links to pages from the book, TEAM for Actors.

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  1. Sample pages from the Introduction: Sample from INTRODUCTION_TEAM-Holistic Approach-Use for actors and directors
  2. Sample pages from the chapter on Thoughts: Sample from THOUGHTS Chapter_Maslow and Objectives  &  Sample from THOUGHTS Chapter_ Maslow and Action Words
  3. Sample pages from the chapter on Emotions: Sample Sections from EMOTIONS Chapter_Applying an Emotions Approach and the ARC    &   Sample Section from EMOTIONS Chapter_Character Personality and the Social Mask
  4. Sample pages from the chapter on Actions: Sample Section from ACTIONS Chapter_ Actions Applied to Activities and the Action Approach   &   Sample Section from ACTIONS Chapter_Postural Attitudes
  5. Sample pages from the chapter on Manifestation: Sample Section from MANIFESTATION Chapter_Intro of Manifesation chapter   &   Sample Section from MANIFESTATION Chapter_Side Coaching the TEAM



About teamforactors

Laura Bond, MFA, is a Professor at UNC-Asheville where she serves as Chair of the Drama Department, and is a CL5 Certified Alba Emoting Instructor. Laura is the Director of the Acting Program at UNCA, Asheville where she developed the TEAM for Actors Technique. One of few CL5 Alba Emoting teachers in the USA, Laura is recognized nationally and internationally for her workshops and her development of Alba Emoting teaching methods. Working closely with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement instructors, she has developed new methods for teaching Alba Emoting to non-performers, as well as performers, with greater somatic clarity and sensitivity to the individual.
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