TEAM for Actors is now being used in college classes!

TEAM for Actors is now out and available to readers through hard copy text and e-books. Some college professors have already adopted the book for their acting classes. Below is a testimonial of support provided by one such instructor – and found on the web page.

“This is one of the BEST acting textbooks I have ever read or used. As someone who has earned advanced degrees and training in performance studies, and who has been teaching undergraduates in theatre for over 20 years…I believe I can offer a credible review. What distinguishes Bond’s book from others is the practical layout of her approach to acting. TEAM is an acronym for Thought, Emotions, Actions, and Manifestation. It is full of examples and experienced insight on how to help actors make appropriate,clear, and dynamic choices for their characters. I only recently adopted her textbook in my advanced acting class because it was just recently published. My only regret, quite frankly, is that she didn’t write it years ago…it would have saved me from a lot of frustration as a performer and teacher. The feedback I have received from my students have also been enthusiastic about TEAM. We use the textbook as a manual in helping them do their character analysis and also applying some of the simple, creative, and effective exercises. Usually considered to be a tedious task for young actors who just want to get up and ‘perform’…the students are genuinely excited about script and character analysis! Plus, they are beginning to notice and identify choices that others make. Although I am using this with an advanced acting class, I plan to adopt it next semester when I rotate and teach the beginning acting class. It can easily be introduced at that level, and has enough exercises to follow up with in the advanced class. Seriously, this is an absolutely valuable textbook for any serious performer or educator of theatre. You WILL use it, and LOVE doing so!”

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Summer 2013 Alba Emoting Workshop

IMG_2962The Summer 2013 Alba Emoting workshop in Asheville, NC is scheduled!  We are exploring a new timing and location for the workshop, placing it in June this year and holding part of the workshop in the beautiful Crowne Plaza Resort and Conference Center.  We were able to secure some excellent room reservation prices in the hotel for our participants and thought you would enjoy your workshop experience even more if you could indulge in their incredible facilities including: two outdoor pools, golf course, zip line course, walking trails, extensive gym and racket club facilities, restaurants and their new spa!

IMG_2990The dates are set for June 22-29, 2013 in the beautiful destination city-in-the-sky location of Asheville, North Carolina.

Workshop Fee: $550 (if paid by Friday, May 10, 2013), $600 after May 10. Within this full week intensive workshop participants will receive 33-36 hours of instruction. Limited Enrollment of 16 participants, early registration is encouraged to ensure your place in the workshop.

IMG_2958To register for the workshop contact Laura Bond directly at  The workshop can be paid for by check or credit card using

For more information on the workshop, daily schedule, location, and housing options go to

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TEAM for Actors now available for e-readers

TEAM for Actors is now available as an e-book, ibook, and can be read on e-readers like Kindle, Nook, and ipads worldwide!

Available in 54 countries through Apple’s ibookstore

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Canada
  6. Cyprus
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Denmark
  9. Estonia
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12. Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Hungary
  15. Ireland
  16. Italy
  17. Latvia
  18. Lithuania
  19. Luxembourg
  20. Malta, Republic of
  21. Netherlands
  22. Norway
  23. Poland
  24. Portugal
  25. Romania
  26. Slovakia
  27. Slovenia
  28. Spain
  29. Sweden
  30. Switzerland
  31. United Kingdom
  32. United States
  33. Argentina
  34. Belize
  35. Bolivia
  36. Brazil
  37. Chile
  38. Colombia
  39. Costa Rica
  40. Dominican Republic
  41. Ecuador
  42. El Salvador
  43. Guatemala
  44. Guyana
  45. Honduras
  46. Mexico
  47. New Zealand
  48. Nicaragua
  49. Panama
  50. Paraguay
  51. Peru
  52. Suriname
  53. Uruguay
  54. Venezuela
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Inside View of TEAM for Actors book! now offers an inside view of the book, TEAM for Actors: A Holistic Approach to Embodied Acting.  Go to this link to view the table of contents and over 100 sample pages!

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Sample Pages from the TEAM for Actors Book

TEAM for Actors synthesizes three elements in human behavior: thought, emotion, and action. This holistic technique  helps actors see how these three inter-related parts are present in the actor’s life, in the character’s life, and in basic human behavior. This union of the first three parts combined  with the actor’s Personal Connection  to these elements  manifests a fully realized, passionate, embodied performance.

TEAM is an acronym: Thought + Emotion + Action = Manifestation

The book provides a chapter  for each aspect of the approach,  presenting theories and  tangible methods  for exploring  the  areas of Thought,  Emotion, and Action. The Manifestation  chapter  guides the actor  through  the process of unifying with the character’s experience and moving from theory into embodiment.

Below are links to pages from the book, TEAM for Actors.

Click here to order the book. 

  1. Sample pages from the Introduction: Sample from INTRODUCTION_TEAM-Holistic Approach-Use for actors and directors
  2. Sample pages from the chapter on Thoughts: Sample from THOUGHTS Chapter_Maslow and Objectives  &  Sample from THOUGHTS Chapter_ Maslow and Action Words
  3. Sample pages from the chapter on Emotions: Sample Sections from EMOTIONS Chapter_Applying an Emotions Approach and the ARC    &   Sample Section from EMOTIONS Chapter_Character Personality and the Social Mask
  4. Sample pages from the chapter on Actions: Sample Section from ACTIONS Chapter_ Actions Applied to Activities and the Action Approach   &   Sample Section from ACTIONS Chapter_Postural Attitudes
  5. Sample pages from the chapter on Manifestation: Sample Section from MANIFESTATION Chapter_Intro of Manifesation chapter   &   Sample Section from MANIFESTATION Chapter_Side Coaching the TEAM


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Intro to TEAM for Actors

I developed TEAM for Actors while teaching for the University of North Carolina, Asheville Drama Department and as an international workshop instructor of Alba Emotingä.  Since my arrival at UNCA in 1998 I recognized that student actors struggled with creating fully embodied acting.  They often expressed an inability to grasp the concepts of creating clear active objectives based in strong needs and desires.  They needed tangible techniques for selecting and embodying authentic and diverse expressions of their character’s behavior.  These students struggled most with putting all these elements together in performance.  They often favored one aspect of emotion, action, or intellectual investigation over the other.  Their performances at the time could not manifest a full synthesis of the actor, as an artist, bringing embodied life to the words from the script. They did not realize that, as Peter Brook states so clearly, “A word does not start as a word – it is an end product which begins as an impulse, stimulated by attitude and behavior which dictate the need for expression.”

Actors who have not worked holistically may analyze the script for intellectual choices, but then leave these discoveries behind on the page and never fully manifest those ideas into the final performance product. Or they make exciting emotional connections, yet have no reason why the character was so emotional.  Another actor may have vigorous movements and gestures that fully embody a character, but lack grounding the text or the subtle nuances of listening and reacting to another actor. It was through these discoveries and the need to provide actors with tools for making connections to all the aspects of an embodied performance that I created TEAM for Actors.  I’ve thoroughly tested the approach, terms, and exercises in this book through extensive classroom and rehearsal investigation.

TEAM for Actors synthesizes three elements in human behavior: thought, emotion, and action.  This holistic technique helps actors see how these three inter-related parts are present in the actor’s life, in the character’s life, and in basic human behavior.  This union of the first three parts combined with the actor’s personal connection to these elements manifests a fully realized, passionate, embodied performance.

TEAM is an acronym: Thought + Emotion + Action = Manifestation

The book (soon to be published) provides a chapter for each aspect of the approach, presenting theories and tangible methods for exploring the areas of Thought, Emotion, and Action.  The Manifestation chapter guides the actor through the process of unifying with the character and moving from theory into embodiment.

TEAM for Actors unites the theory behind traditional actor training approaches, basic human behavior and the somatic approach of Alba Emoting.  This unification assists the actor in moving from the theoretical to the practical and tangible.  The root of the word somatic is soma meaning, “living body as experienced within,” a term meant to resolve the gap between the mind and body, representing a holistic perspective of the person. This book often refers to the somatic method called Alba Emotingä, developed by neuroscientist Dr. Susana Bloch.  Alba Emoting is a reliable, safe, and measurable technique for embodying emotions and actions of expression.  This somatic technique, threaded throughout TEAM for Actors, provides a scientifically proven method for understanding and embodying expressive behavior.  Alba Emoting offers a tangible means for examining physiological activities, modes of expression, and the inner thoughtful experience of expressive behavior and how these elements then meld into a fully embodied performance.

The book includes many of my own original exercises created through years of experimenting with this approach.  I also share stories of acting and directing experiences using TEAM for Actors in my classes and rehearsals.  In order to connect these acting theories with basic human behavior, I include Maslow’s basic psychological theory of a human hierarchy of needs, and connect each term and method used in the TEAM to examples from daily life.  Finally, since past acting teachers will always influence and inform the present, the book also refers to revered acting techniques, relevant terms, and traditional theories and exercises developed by notable acting teachers.

Stay tuned for more information on TEAM for Actors, and news about the soon-to-be-published book!

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